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7 Advantages Of Using Google Presentations

One of the first programs or software that we have had to learn to use, regardless of what we dedicate ourselves to, is the program for designing presentations such as Power Point; which for many is the only one that exists.

And probably because of the solutions that this program gave us for many years that we continue to use today. Today there are much more friendly and dynamic options to develop presentations and greater impact, so here I want to present seven advantages of using the Google Presentations application and how they can help you as a digital professional. Even you can use google slide free templates like Power Point which can help you to create professional presentation without any expertise.

1. Mobility

Remember that all the work tools offered by Google originate from the concept of mobility and multiscreen. With the presentations of Google you can see your presentations from your mobile or tablet Android or IOS, advantage for those who want to stop charging your laptop everywhere and need to display it at any time.

2. Simplicity and practicality

In some articles mentioned as a disadvantage that Google Presentations do not handle the same characteristics as PowerPoint, and that is true, because remembering the previous point Google always seeks the easy way to transmit information. This Google application is made for digital professionals who understand that a corporate presentation should be with little text and a simple design that communicates only what needs to be translated. This application seeks to avoid saturation of elements that detract from the importance of the message.

3. Collaboration

If we talk about an application to work with information as a team, Google Presentations meets this point very well whenever there is an internet connection. Today’s digital marketers know the importance of having the different presentations of their products and services at hand to show them, update them and share them from anywhere.

4. Review history

Taking into account the previous point, this application, like all the rest of Google Apps (now G Suite ), has the “revision history” integrated that helps us detect who, when and what changes were made in the presentations, and if it is necessary to return to an earlier version of the document. This in truth that has saved many digital professionals, I include myself.

5. Simpler videos

Another notable advantage of the Google Presentations application is that it allows you to integrate a YouTube video directly on the same slide,  this prevents you from putting links and when wanting to watch a video during the presentation, take it out and open a browser window , causing whoever is watching your presentation to lose focus of what you are showing.

6. Positioning in search engines

We also find as an important and powerful advantage that you can open your presentation to the general public (you can activate an option so that they can only see it, not edit it) and be easily located by the search engines. Being a native Google application the chances of finding your content is more efficient. If you want to share your commercial or informative presentation with the world, this application is the best option.

7. Integration to your information system

And not for being the last one is the least important. If you already use Google Sites (which serves to create a productive intranet for your company), the Google Presentations application is great to be integrated into it. This way you can run the presentations that your internal and external clients need more easily and practically from the cloud.

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