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A Best Whole Sale Market: Guangzhou Wholesale Market

Guangzhou wholesale market is located in China. This wholesale market doesn’t focus on a single product rather it offers a large variety of products. You can find everything in this market from shoes to automobile parts. This is the best place to invest in wholesale products and increase your sales, a nice way to attract a large number of customers to have lucrative business.

Cosmetics and Hair Products

Women love cosmetics. Selling cosmetics and hair products in Guangzhou wholesale market is a great idea to go off without a hitch. If you are looking forward to rocket up in your cosmetics business, targeting Guangzhou wholesale market will hit the nail on the head.

There’s always a great demand for cosmetics and its demand is always expected to be on the rise. Why not to target women from all across the world – no matter where you belong to? If you are looking out to intersperse a slice of the pie on cosmetics, here’s a list of some renowned cosmetic markets in Guangzhou.

Beauty Exchange Center: The beauty exchange center in Guangzhou offers an exciting variety for beauty and wellness products at reasonable prices. This center is always brimming with dazzling collection throughout the year. It consists of three huge cosmetic buildings crammed with cosmetic suppliers. Tying with the wholesale suppliers of this market can help you to pile up your profits.

Eva International Cosmetic Purchasing Center: Another best supplier to have a propitious cosmetics business is the Eva International Cosmetic Purchasing Center. You will find an amazing range of cosmetics shops and showrooms. The products include lotions, creams, eye-shadows, lipsticks, masks, razors to shampoos, hair dye, straighteners, soaps, wellness products, etc.

Shunfa Cosmetics and Hair Products Market: This is also a big market in Guangzhou like the Beauty Exchange Center. You will definitely meet your needs if you want to import best quality hair products from China at reasonable prices. Most shops in Shunfa hair products market deal in hair dye, straightener, flat iron, other equipment for salons, etc.

Taian Plaza: The Taian plaza is the oldest Guangzhou cosmetic wholesale market. This market is near to the Eva cosmetic market, you can find a mélange of cosmetics and hair equipment in the Taian Plaza cosmetic market. Similarly, the Xingfa Plaza is a huge cosmetics market. It is located on the outskirts of Guangzhou. You can find any type of personal care product. You can import any top-notch product such as eyelashes, perfumes, lipsticks, eyeliners, nail polishes, rollers, hair dye, brushes, straighteners, Brazilian hair, wigs, skin care products, etc.

Electronics Wholesale Market

Guangzhou electronics wholesale market is growing rapidly. Thanks to the fast development. Guangzhou wholesale market is the best place where you can buy electronics at affordable prices. Once you step into the market, you will find a mesmerizing variety of electronics from computers to any other electronic gadgets. With acute bargaining skills, you can find high-end electronic products to take your sales ladderup. If you’re looking forward to import electronics from China and want to get more bang for your bucks, here’s is the list of exalted markets.

Dashatou Electronic Markets: This market is brimming with second-hand and latest electronics. Most common products in the market are computers and phones. However, you can put money into new cameras, fridges, etc. at retail and wholesale prices depending upon the quantity. Here, you can find products at rock-bottom prices.

Lingyuanxi Lu: Another celebrated electronics market in Guangzhou wholesale market is Lingyuanxi Lu that is near the China Plaza. The market is running over with small stores selling mobile phones. However, this market is not suitable for those who are looking for economical investments. The best option for not to be jockeyed into buying goods at higher prices is wandering around the market to know about prices, and then compare price and bargain as much as you can.

Nanfang Dasha: If you are looking for Chinese electronics to sell in your native country, Nanfang Dasha is the perfect place. In this market, you will find no western products, only domestic products. The best part of these products is they are cheaper. However, you have to ensure that you’re buying the best quality product at reasonable prices.

Tianhe Gangding Computer Markets: This is one of the most prominent markets in Guangzhou. This market is specifically available for high-end computers and computer parts. Most of the shops are both retail and wholesale. You can deal with thousands of Chinese vendors. You will scrutinize each product. You don’t need to wait for long to get your product shipped. Face to face communication with your vendor is priceless in terms of acquiring all details about a product and establishing a trust, which makes the whole sourcing process smoother and faster.

Wholesale Auto Accessories
Guangzhou wholesale market is also popular for car accessories. Drawing the attention of people from all across the world, Guangzhou car accessories wholesale market offers automobile parts at invincible prices. You can get the considerable profit. After you buy the product under a good price, you can wholesale or retail them in your shop.

Visiting in person to the market gives a chance to communicate with dealers and sift high-end products. You will be erudite what parts are mostly bought by customers. Let your business to streak ahead and earn considerable profits. You will find many new automobile parts that will dazzle your customers and force them to get money out of their pockets to procure those parts.

Yongfu road auto accessories wholesale market: The biggest wholesale market is Yongfu road auto accessories wholesale market. 70 to 80 percent of the products directly come from manufacturing units. The dealers sell car accessories at wholesale prices to people who attend to snap up high-quality products.

Chentian zhanlong auto part market: This market is known for secondhand automobile parts. This is the biggest market where used car accessories are traded. Visit this market if you are looking for secondhand car accessories. Similarly, you can buy professional auto parts such as micro-car accessories, automotive supplies, motor oil, and a comprehensive range of various accessories in Sanyuanli Anwar auto accessories city.

Guangzhou Clothes Wholesale Markets
A decision of buying clothes from Guangzhou wholesale market should not be off the cuff. You should ponder over who will be your target audience and how much lot is enough for you to avoid a stockpile. You will find various shops; stroll down the market and have a glance on a different variety of clothes. Decide which one you will buy for your customers; ask prices and pick up the one that offers you at affordable prices. Ensure you’re buying high-quality clothes.

Here’s a list of top clothes wholesale market in Guangzhou.

Guangzhou Shisanhang clothing wholesale market: There are two most famous buildings – the New China Building and the Hongbiantian Building. Both markets sell clothes at retail and wholesale prices. You will find apparels for men, women and kids. Being a trader, you should be cautious of buying clothes as Guangzhou market offers you apparels from low quality to high-quality. The shop opens in wee hours and closes after midnight so you can visit the market anytime. You will find cheap clothes from secondhand to fresh one.

Gaodijie wholesale market: The Gaodijie wholesale market is one of the largest wholesale markets. It attracts thousands of customers every day, it is said to have helped develop Beijing Road into the most popular pedestrian street today. You will find everything such as socks, underpants, swimwear, leisure clothes etc.

First tunnel clothing wholesale center: This is an underground wholesale market. The First Tunnel Clothing Wholesale Center has over 1200 shops. The market consists of lots of sections including trendy women’s wear, men’s clothing, Korean styles, leisure wear, local leisure wear, Children’s clothes, socks and underpants. You will find these apparels from reasonable to higher prices.

New China Building: Another largest wholesale market in Guangzhou is the New China Building. You will find high-end fashionable products. Most of them will be mimic of branded products. This market is best known for woolen clothes. If you are looking for buying winter clothes, take a round in this market and buy some exciting collections. Most dealers are Koreans and hence Korean-style clothes proliferate in the market.

Leather Handbag Wholesale Markets

Guangzhou wholesale market has also a reputation for leather handbags. This market enraptures the hearts of not only domestic but international people also. You will be stupefied with a wide collection of genuine leather handbags in meticulous designs. It’s an overwhelming wholesale handbag market. Many handbag dealers visit this market for buying top-notch handbags at reasonable prices, and then sell them at retail prices in their cities to earn a lot of money. However, you should be circumspect to judge the quality of handbags because most dealers end up with a purchase of fake handbags.

Guangzhou Baiyun World Leather Trading Center: This is a modern and extensive trade center. The Baiyun World Leather Market provides you with a high-tech network business platform and a nice business environment that guarantees the successful proceeding of all business activities. The quality in this market is usually good, but you can find many different grades and designs. The key products of this market include imitate handbags, purse, wallet, suitcase of all top brands such as Thelebre, Dunlop, Kangaroo, Windsor, Prada, Miu Miu, D&G, Bottega Veneta, Tucano, ST. Dupont, Polo, Thomas Wylde, Kooba, Versace, Barbara Bui, Jimmy Choo, Mulberry, Celine, Guess, Juicy , Luella, Gucci, Chanel, Chloe, Burberry, Christian Dior, YSL, Balenciaga, Hermes, Hugo Boss, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, and much more.

Zhonggang Leather City: You can find incredible assortment of leather handbags in this market. You will find genuine leather handbags in this market. The best part about it is most of leather handbag suppliers are direct manufacturers. They will be glad to offer you genuine handbags at reasonable prices. Bear in mind that wholesale markets around Guangzhou are the trickiest place to shop when it comes to picking up of genuine leather handbags. You should be heedful while choosing genuine handbags. A few tips can help you such as better quality leather handbags seem soft. High quality genuine leather bags usually come with natural and musky smell. Stay away from a smell like chemicals.

Other famous leather handbags wholesale markets are Tianhong Leather City, the Zhuolong Leather Business Mall, Senmao Leather City, the Shengjia Leather Center, Xingan Leather World, the Ziyuan Leather Mall, Guihualou Leather City, the Jinyi Leatherware Plaza, the Mingju Leather Trade Center, and much more.

Guangzhou Shoes Wholesale Market

Guangzhou shoes wholesale market is the largest footwear. It’s a single spot where you buy different designs of shoes at wholesale prices. This market has earned reputation for over 100 years. The market consists of over 100 shops dedicated to sell high-quality shoes.

Being a shoe trader, you need to be vigilant before buying a lot of shoes as artificial leather technology has attained prominence in the shoe-manufacturing industry leading to simulation of shoes.

You should use visual identification methods to avoid being swindled. For instance, a leather pattern, appearance of creases by bending a leather shoe; whether a symmetry or discordance, appearance of pores etc. However, fake leather shoes feel like plastic, no obvious pores, and it will not get a smooth appearance if it reverts.

You also can find shoes at the lowest price. Most of the shoes are imitation. You should be skillful to differentiate between genuine and fake leather shoes. Some of the popular wholesale shoes markets include HuaNan shoes wholesale city, Euro Commercial Plaza shoes city etc.

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