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Best Kitchen Design Trends in 2018

Who doesn’t like to have luxurious look for their kitchen? As you know, the kitchen is the place that should look stunning because this is where from where you cook and server the daily food. If your kitchen is not beautiful enough then you are surely not going to enjoy your cooking. Well-designed kitchen, with proper furniture adjustments, will always attract the visitors too. I have brought some best kitchen design trends exclusively for you, so keep reading!

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Tiles OR Splashback

2018 totally changed the tiles trends. As you know, the tiles were in the fashion for decades but now tiles are history because splashback has totally grabbed the market and replaced the tiles trend. There is no doubt the tiles look simple but if compared with splash back then splashbacks will surely win the race. There are different splash back trends popular and few of them are enlisted below:

  1. Antique Mirror Style
  2. Rustic Slate
  3. Cooker To ceiling
  4. Bright colours
  5. Dark Colored Grout
  6. Patterns

Texture Type

Ah! At last, now people are bored of old whitish kitchen looks. Now people are preferring attractive colours rather than giving their kitchen an old classy look by painting it white. Glossy cabins are in the fashion because they are easy to manage and clean. Other than just glossy look, you will also see timber coloured furniture in the kitchen sides. Another look that people are using in their kitchen’s design is fade greenish coloured furniture and yes it also looks stunning.

More Storage Capacity More Fun

People want more storage capacity even if their kitchen is not big enough. More storage capacity means more fun while cooking, of course, no one likes getting cooked up along with their food in small kitchens.

In 2018, kitchens are designed in such a way that residents of the house get enough free space in the kitchen. Drawers, pan spaces and overawe are adjusted mutually in such a way that everything fits perfectly while leaving a room for fresh air to enter.

Open Shelves | Display Your Classic Dinner Sets

Open shelves in the kitchen might seem a stupid idea but trust me this is what in the trends. Your open shelves, covered under your elegant dinner sets are going to give it a classy look. Open shelves not only contribute to the beauty of the kitchen but also gives a sense of more space in the kitchens and this is what you need.

Update Your Kitchen Stuff

You don’t need to contact Microsoft to get your kitchen updated, lol. If you really want to follow the latest kitchen trends, then at least start from updating your kitchen. What you can do is replace old, rubbish looking furniture with new designs. Additionally, you can also replace your older dinner sets with the newer trendy ones. Updated stuff in the kitchen matters a lot and even if your kitchen is not designed following the latest kitchen trends but you have got newly designed furniture and dinners set in it then you are good to go.

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