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Claim Compensation After an Operation | Steps to Claim Sanitary Compensation

If you are rich and don’t want to bother about procedure consult a lawyer from Desmond Law Office. In many cases, after leaving an operation, users are not completely satisfied with it and do not know the rights that protect them in this regard. Although it is true that in the days before the medical professionals should report everything related to the process, possible complications and the final result, the reality shows that it is not always met and in these cases, patients can claim compensation.


Although the responsibility for any operation depends largely on the medical team, medicine is not an exact science and therefore, can lead to a series of consequences that were possibly not contemplated at the beginning. In any case, users have the option of demanding responsibilities if they consider that all the necessary resources have not been made available to them so that the result is the best possible.


Steps to claim sanitary compensation

Before requesting compensation, it is convenient to analyze the situation in detail, since at the time of filing a complaint it is not only necessary not to agree with the result, but also that the objectives of the application must be justified in some way. Intervention have not been met.


In the event that you have contracted health insurance is also important to review the conditions of the policy to know the limits that the insurance company has established in terms of responsibility.


However, there are some cases that are considered medical malpractice, such as a bad diagnosis, leaving surgical material inside the body, etc. If this happens, there is no doubt that it is necessary to claim to obtain compensation for the damage caused.


The next step is to submit a claim form to the Customer Service Center of the hospital or go directly to the specialist who has performed the operation. In both cases it is necessary to highlight the dissatisfaction with the result and depending on the question, you can request compensation or a second intervention to solve the problem if possible.


If the health center does not offer any response or it does not satisfy the patient, in private health insurance it is possible to appeal to the Directorate General of Insurance and Pension Funds (DGSFP).


Once this route has been exhausted or when it is a case within the competences of public health, the claim can be referred to the arbitration system to try to reach an agreement between both parties. Ultimately, when this option is not viable either, it is possible to resort to the judicial process that, depending on the seriousness of the case, the claim can be filed before the criminal or civil jurisdiction.


Before reporting in a court it is important to assess if it is the best way to obtain compensation according to the particular problem. Once the demand is accepted for processing, the patient probably has to assume a high cost and not always the success is assured in this type of lawsuits. Therefore, it is fundamental to analyze the economic compensation that could be received and the price that will be necessary to pay for representation and defense, as well as for other concepts. Given that health is the most important, if the discontent after the intervention presents significant problems, it is advisable to ask for a second medical opinion to find a solution.

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