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Detox – Another Diet?

In our minds, “detox” is one of the ways to lose weight. Although in fact there is no direct connection between cleansing the body of toxins and getting rid of extra pounds.

Today, this buzzword sounds more and more often in various media as a promise of a slim figure. Although in the really good business of cleansing our body of toxins there is nothing to do with the numerous recipes of how to lose weight.

If you type in Google the word “detox,” he immediately replies: “detox diet.” This is followed by: “4-week program that solves the female problem of extra centimeters and skin problems,” promises through a special diet to “rid the body of poisons, edema and excess weight,” “regain shape after the holidays,” as well as many other tempting – dietary offers. Popular brochures and women’s magazines regularly tell us about some new detox system developed by a famous nutritionist or beloved by some celebrities, adding to the story addresses where the fashion system will help bring to life. But detoxification and dieting are far from synonymous: “By ridding our body of toxins, – Detox can then lead to a decrease in weight, – argues the expert. – This effect explains the confusion that exists around two concepts. But trendy diets, on the contrary, harm our health, because they are accompanied by intoxication. ” And this is not the only difference.

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All experts agree that the purpose of detox is cleansing the body, not weight loss. “Detox satisfies our need to pay more attention to ourselves, restore health and vitality,” says Viktor Makarov. Detox centers, or centers of end ecological rehabilitation of the body, in our country and abroad, are mostly taken by residents of large cities, who are rather tired of the constant stress and not dreaming of losing weight. Digestive disorders, recurring diseases, headaches, irritability, persistent fatigue, lifeless complexion, dull hair – these are some of the main signs of “clogging” of our cells, which are forced to seek help.

“Our body has a self-regulation mechanism by which it gets rid of everything unnecessary and repairs damage,” says endocrinologist Olga Yatsishina, a specialist at the European Medical Center. “Recently, however, it has increasingly been confronted with toxic substances for which it has not been genetically prepared: before many of them simply did not exist. For example, these are pesticides, heavy metals, preservatives and dyes that enter the body with sweet carbonated drinks, fast food, sausages, industrial baking. ” To all this, numerous stresses, a sedentary lifestyle, an unbalanced diet, which do not allow the body to fight against aging and disease, are added. Our excretory system simply does not cope with such a flow of harmful substances.

The idea of detoxification is to help your body get rid of pollution and restore its ability to heal itself. The feeling of lightness, a fullness of energy, glowing skin, excellent health – the results of a good detox.

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