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Does your business need the Instagram account?

To be or not to be? How to decide whether the brand should be led by Instagram.

Go somewhere, not knowing where – strange. Go somewhere, not knowing why – it’s stupid. Before boldly inscribing “advancement to Instagram” into the budget, think about whether this is really what your brand needs. And I’ll try to help you with my reasoning.

Instagram is a social network about beauty. Here, users create their own “virtual worlds”, showing moments from life. As a rule, the images are impeccable, the texts emphasize the author’s virtues, and the story is sparkling with a snow-white smile and a sharp word.

What should the brand do in this world?

  • Form and maintain an image: show what the brand is and what its strength is.
  • With customers, getting a feedback. With potential customers, involving them in the life of the brand. With strangers, who sometimes become customers or give a hint for development.
  • Talk about yourself. On the novelties, assortment, possibilities.
  • Declare yourself. In all the voice of emoticons declare that such and such a brand has entered the market.
  • And, of course, sell. Directly to direct in Instagram. Or leading customers to the site. And can launch “word of mouth”, the sources of which can be difficult to track.
  • And if you can put at least one tick – go to Instagramis . But the question remains about the proportionality of the spent forces and budgets. Here, look.

Hire an agency for $ 1000 in order to communicate with users, advise them and take feedback – it sounds strange. But assign this task to one of the current employees for a surcharge – it’s quite logical.

To conduct Instagram with the goal of selling for millions of dollars and at the same time investing zero in the target is silly.

Do everything for the ideal Instagram-picture, connect the promotion – and not provide business processes – well, in vain! Customers will come, but there will be nothing to buy or nothing. The budgets and forces spent will not pay off.

So here’s what you need to do, in my opinion, before you go with the brand on Instagram.

Likes and Comments

An excellent idea to bring attention to yourself: put the likes of users and comment on their posts. So, for new business buy Instagram likes is the best option. You can buy likes according to your need, and you don’t need to wait long, within days as much as you want you will get likes on Instagram account or post. Whenever peoples saw your account or posts likes it will show you are a big brand in the industry. So from my end, you should buy Instagram likes.

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