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How men experience a break in relations

Often, men suffer a break up relationship spell or feeling of universal emptiness. Acutely, these emotions manifest themselves when the relationship crashes unexpectedly, groundlessly, literally from scratch and if the abandoned man was emotionally dependent on the woman. In this case, men are under tremendous stress, and one of the reasons for this reaction is the secretive male nature. Representatives of the stronger sex keep all emotions in themselves and do not spill them out. If the adrenaline rises in the blood, then the reaction will be this:

  • Wounds and grievances will be filled with the acceptance of alcoholic beverages;
  • Going to the gym and breaking the fists into the blood;
  • driving at high speed, etc.

Studies of psychologists have found that men are more receptive to what is happening in relationships, and their psyche in this situation is weaker than women’s.

Psychologists have noticed that people who are dependent on partners are often the most difficult to break the relationship. Dependence is not a manifestation of love, rather, on the contrary, it develops from a dislike for oneself. A dependent person does not love himself and is looking for this love in another person. It seems to him that only in a pair he will be protected and happy. However, life proves that this is far from true and if love is not inside, then it is not outside.

The abandoned person should realize that as long as he treats himself without respect, love, then the partners will also heal him. Fell in love with himself, a man will allow himself to be also treated and love can give to a loving person who will meet without fail.

Only over time, a person begins to understand that in his life parting with a partner was inevitable and this step was made not in vain. But now, it seems that life has lost its color, there is no sense in it because joy has gone from the usual life moments.

Psychologist’s advice on how to survive a breakdown of relationships includes the following:

– remember that life is short, and it continues, hurry to fill it with new, interesting events;

– parting is a difficult period, through which almost everyone in life passes, knowing this, simply endure, and it will necessarily end;

– stop consciously hurting yourself;

– Do not write to the former (s) letter, do not pursue it (s) – it prolongs suffering;

– constant monitoring of the page in the social network of the former (s) only causes a feeling of frustration and emptiness, as it is difficult to distance yourself from the object of attachment and begin to live anew without it (-one);

– Do not give in to the temptation to write a sad letter;

– Wishing to be cured mentally, move away from the former (-ie);

– do not stay alone – go with friends karaoke, etc .;

– sign up for a sports club, swimming pool;

– learn something new, previously unexplored for yourself;

– Do not give up dating, dating;

– spend as much of your time as fun and with interest, enjoy life;

– Update the wardrobe, perfume, your image, and get rid of the old;

– remove the number of the former mobile partner, so that there is no temptation in unnecessary calls in moments of despair;

– do not avoid places where you were with the former loved one, but on the contrary, spend time with friends in these places, to realize that without it life has not stopped on the spot.

– a smile instead of tears at a meeting with the former, and also the sour kind often gives interesting results;

– If the gap is inevitable, then part with the former beloved first;

– The head is higher, about nothing, not regretting to walk confidently, so that doubt has settled in the soul of the former;

– It is necessary to get rid of the psychology of the victim. Otherwise, such relations will be repeated;

– it is necessary to understand that recovery is often very painful and that it begins – you need to hear the truth about your relationship from the side;

– do not feel sorry for yourself, because it is a disservice;

– make appropriate conclusions about your life, so that you do not repeat mistakes in the future.

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