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How to Find Out the Bank by Card Number: Useful Life Hacking

Have you encountered the need to find out the name of the bank that issued the card, having only its number? Read on for how to do this.

In certain situations, it is necessary to find out the bank by the card number that it issued. After all, if we hold the card in our hands, then all the necessary information is already present on it: number, name of the owner, name of the issuing bank, expiration date. But sometimes it happens that only the number of the payment card is known, to which, for example, a transfer needs to be made. And not everyone knows that all the other information is encrypted in this number, including the payment system and the bank.

What hides the card number

By standards, the number of digits in a bank card number is from 13 to 19. You most likely will see 16 on yours. Do not doubt, all these numbers are not accidental. The first digit always indicates the payment system to which the card belongs. For example:

  • 4 – VISA
  • 5 – MasterCard
  • 3 – American Express
  • 9 – Space

Then follow the numbers that indicate the issuing bank, the type of card (credit or debit), and the status of the card (Classic, Gold, and Platinum).

How to find out the bank by card number

The number used to identify the bank is called BIN – Bank Identification Number, or Bank Identification Number (BIN). BIN payment card is determined by the first 6 digits of its number.

To determine the bank by card number, you must enter these 6 digits in the database of BINs, using one of the free BIN checker.

Why recognize the bank by card number?

It is sometimes necessary to check the card by its BIN number if it is necessary to make a bank transfer, or if the card is not accepted for payment (for example, in an online store). Such a situation may arise if the base map is defined as foreign. Also, this information will be useful to those who are going on a trip and plans to book a hotel there or pay for a rental car. In these cases, the credit card may not be accepted for payment, since it is listed in the system as a debit card, and only you and the bank know about the credit limit on it.

In addition, sometimes you need to determine what level of the map. In appearance, it can be Classic or Standard, and in fact is Gold or Platinum. Why deprive yourself of the advantages that are provided for the owners of these cards?

Council If your card turned out to be different from what you considered it all the time, it is better to be safe and issue another one that will not have “pitfalls”. Or at least contact the bank that issued the card.

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