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Manufacturing and Use of PVC Coated Fabric

The development of the chemical industry made it possible to create polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Its chemical properties are so unique that it is not affected by acids, solvents, mineral oils and alkalis.

The material can be both hard and soft. A special place in the use of PVC is fabric-PVC. The fabric is based on nylon or kapron threads and PVC coating. Fabric-PVC retains its properties at temperatures from -50 to +50 ° C. Another name for the fabric-PVC is awning material or tent-PVC.

We can offer you awning pvc coated fabric that do not lose their properties in a wide temperature range:

Cloth with PVC coating – 45 (under the order – 55) to + 70 ºS
Fabric with polyurethane (PU) coating – 70 to + 110 ºS
Silicone coated fabric – 60 to + 250 ºS

Fabrics differ in their density: from 230 to 1200 g / m2. Also one of the important parameters is the number of threads per centimeter of the area, designated as 7×7, 9×9 and so on. The interlacing of the filaments can be different, but more often the yarns are joined at an angle of 90 °.

Two methods of applying PVC to the substrate are used: lamination and casting. The highest application was the lamination of polyester fibers with PVC film. This technology is quite simple in production. The second way is more reliable, as, in the manufacture of PVC, it is “pasted, fastened” to the base. In some cases, to protect the tissue from the effects of ultraviolet rays, it is covered with a protective coating.

The scope of PVC awnings is quite broad. The structure and properties of the material allow its use both indoors and for outdoor use.

Primarily used in the manufacture of a variety of tent structures. PVC fabric is used to make tents for cars and trailers. The plastic is used as a cover for hangars, grain and vegetable stores, livestock complexes, sports grounds, and storage facilities. From it, they produce an exhibition and trading tents, pavilions, tents. The material is used for banner printing

. The use of polyvinyl chloride causes the main advantages of fabrics with the use of PVC. They have an extremely high form of strength and the effectiveness of joints for breaking, exceeding in this respect other products. Made of textile materials. Eg. Tarpaulin This indicator is of great importance during the installation and operation of products. PVC gives the products exceptionally high water-repellent properties, resistance to aggressive environments eliminates the burning out of sunlight for a long time. It is not susceptible to deformation of the product due to sudden temperature changes.

Fabrics are resistant to operation in various production areas as curtains where fermentation tanks are installed. The service life of PVC products is from 7 to 10 years.

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