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Most Viewed YouTube Music Videos of all time

PSY is the king of YouTube with his Gangnam Style will not surprise anyone, but which are the other laureates in our top 10 most watched YouTube music videos of all time? You read it here!

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10: Pitbull feat. Marc Anthony – Rain Over Me

Marc Anthony is an actor and singer-songwriter. He works exceptionally well in South America, where he is considered salsa. Together with Tina Arena, he scored a hit with ‘I want to spend my lifetime loving you,’ but with ‘ Rain Over Me’ (together with Armando Christian Pérez, better known as Pitbull) he did a shot at the YouTube throne: the clip was viewed 370 million times.

9: Eminem – Not Afraid

‘The number Not afraid is meant for people who are in a black hole,’ says Eminem. We do not know whether the song is effective enough as a catch-up, but the clip reached 378 million views on YouTube.

8: Michel Telo – If I Get You

One of the summer hits of 2011 came from Brazil. There was mass dance, also by people who do not understand a word of what Michel Telo actually sings in ‘Ai se eutepego.’ The video was viewed more than 466 million times.

7: Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Lady Gaga comes with ‘Bad Romance’ about 500 million views. Bad Romance was the first single of her third album, ‘The Fame Monster.’ She is the most popular artist on Twitter, but in the battle for YouTube, she has to settle for seventh place.

6: Shakira – WakaWaka

The Colombian diva that can wriggle like a snake nestles on the sixth place in the classification. Not with the video of ‘Whenever, wherever,’ as you might expect, but with ‘WakaWaka.’ The song was the hymn of the World Cup 2010 in South Africa. Good for 502 million viewers on YouTube.

5: LMFAO – Party rock anthem

Redfoo and SkyBlu from LFMAO set up discotheques in 2011 with their well-known tune ‘Party Rock Anthem.’ In their own words, they get a lot of musical inspiration from big names like Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin. Whether you notice that in this video, let’s put it in the middle, but it gave the eccentric gentlemen more than 506 million spectators.

4: Eminem feat. Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie

Eminem also made such a big tour: ‘Love the way you lie’ is the second issue of the Detroit phenomenon that appears in the list. The video was viewed no less than 521 million times. The rapper was perhaps helped by Rihanna and Megan Fox, who also walk around in the clip. Slim Shady knows who to keep a friend.

3: Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull – On The Floor

The bronze is for J.Lo, which she owes to the clip of ‘On the Floor,’ in which she performs with Pitbull. Four years after her last CD, Ms. Lopez made her comeback in the music universe through the big gate: her new album ‘Love?’ Did not bother her and the video that goes with ‘On the floor’ was viewed 629 million times. Pitbull can thank both Jennifer and her ex Marc Anthony because thanks to them he comes twice in the top-10.

2: Justin Bieber feat. Ludacris – Baby

He was number one for a long time, but Psy put him on the second spot without blinking. One consolation for Justin Bieber: with his 810 million YouTube viewers he has a light-years advantage over his pursuers.

1: PSY – Gangnam Style

You hear the tune at any time of the day, so it makes sense to find PSY on the highest scaffold: the Korean hit sensation posted its video on July 15 and on December 11, 930 million people watched the clip.

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