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Are many people buying diamond jewelry online?

The first dealers in diamond jewelry lines were launched about 10 years ago. Currently, there are many e-commerce goods of diamond jewelry; together they form the category with the fastest growth in the sector. According to sources, e-commerce sales of extensive jewelry amount to about 4 to 5 billion US …

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Neodymium magnets from China in Bulk

Chinese neodymium magnets have the same right to exist, as well as other ones. This is a high-quality and reliable product manufactured under the appropriate license. Their cost is low enough, which is due to the abundance of neodymium in China – this state ranks first in reserves of rare …

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Life Jacket: Material, Basics, Principles and Main Classification

Life jacket, also known as life vest, is a life-saving garment designed to resemble a vest. Life jacket material is nylon fabric or neoprene (NEOPRENE), buoyant material or inflatable material, reflective material. It is generally used for 5-7 years and is one of the life-saving equipment on board and on …

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