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Detox – Another Diet?

In our minds, “detox” is one of the ways to lose weight. Although in fact there is no direct connection between cleansing the body of toxins and getting rid of extra pounds. Today, this buzzword sounds more and more often in various media as a promise of a slim figure. …

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Eight tips on how to start traveling Independent

Heard about all the virtues of independent travel, but do not know where to start? Or have you been trying to give up the habit of traveling with ready-made package tours for a long time, but travel agencies each time lure you into their networks? Then this stuff is exactly …

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Kente: The Fabric of Kings

With impressive rapidity, the hands of the weaver flow back and forth on the right side of the fabric. Moving at the rhythm of the creaking of the pulleys and the creaking of the levers, the craftsman concentrates on the strip of colored cloth in front of him. Between the …

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