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R4 gold 3ds in 2019-Everything about R4i gold 3ds plus you should know

This article is about the latest version R4 gold 3ds card in 2019, it’s R4i gold 3ds plus, the best R4 3DS for Nintendo 3DS console users. Here will introduce you everything about it, just read it firstly before buying it from Spanish site-NXmodificar.com.

What’s R4i gold 3ds plus?

R4i gold 3ds plus is a ds flashcard made by r4ids.cn, it is a 100% copy of R4i gold 3ds rts, but with pre-flashed NTRboothax, a inner switch and a new card design. It’s released 2 years ago, becoming more and more popular in 2019, most of member in Gbatemp or Reddit recommend people buying this flashcard. It has a Great review in both Reddit and Gbatemp.

Its biggest Advantage, No Timebomb!!!

Feature or Function List

>> Support all DS games
>> Game Region Free
>> Support all features of Wood r4i gold 3ds rts
>> Support popular Luma3DS Custom firmware to run 3DS games
>> Support SD up to 128GB (4-32GB/normal FAT32, 32G+/GodMode9 format)
>> Work on NEW 3DS XL LL, NEW 3DS, NEW 2DS XL, NEW 2DS, 3DS XL LL, 3DS & 2DS

R4 gold 3ds plus firmware

The R4 gold 3ds plus card uses the Wood firmware, the latest version is V1.64b, it’s released in 2013 and still working in this year. So we can say that it’s a powerful R4 firmware for supporting all 3DS updates.

The wood firmware for R4i 3ds gold plus is free to download from the official site, r4ids.cn, to setup your flashcard on 3DS to play ds games, you need to download the firmware or kernel to the R4i 3ds card.

R4 gold 3ds plus firmware isn’t coming with Timebomb software, so you are no need to worry for using it. You can use it for a long long time on your console.

R4i gold 3ds plus Ntrboot

The NTRboot or Ntrboothax is a free 3ds exploit to use via a compatible flashcard and a magnet on any 3DS, 2DS, NEW 3DS XL, NEW 2DS XL console for installing Boot9strap and Lum3ds CFW.

For the R4i 3ds plus card, the exploit is already flashed to it, so to card users, you are much easiler to use this R4i card to install 3DS custom firmware. Not only supports NTRboothax, R4i 3ds gold plus can also supports the DS mode, just pusing the inner button to “D”.

How to set it up on 3DS, NDS or 2DS consoles?

For playing DS games, following the steps here.

Step A: Format your Micro SD Card

  1. Insert your sd card to the card reader that you can get from the Pack R4i 3DS.
  2. Insert the card reader to your computer.
  3. Format the card by right-clicking on it and selecting “Format.”
  4. Select “FAT 32” and get the check mark off the “Quick format” option then click “Start.”

Step B: Download R4 3DS Kernel to the Micro SD card

  1. Go to the r4ids.cn to download the latest R4 3DS firmware or kernel wood V1.64 for the flash card.
  2. After done, you will get a compressed kernel file as shown, simply unzip it with a winrar or 7zip software.
  3. Open the wood kerel file and copy all the contents, drag and drop them onto the root of your MicroSD card.

Step C: Download DS Games to the Micro SD card

  1. Go to the Rom2station.com to download NDS roms for your flash card. You can get 3ds/ds game download code after your order in our site.
  2. Make sure you download NDS games not 3DS games, you should unzip the compressed game file to get the .NDS rom.
  3. Creat a new folder called “Games” in your Micro SD and drag the .NDS files to it.

Step D: Install R4 3DS card to your Nintendo 3DS or NDS family console.

Take out the Micro sd card from your PC, insert the sd card to your R4i gold 3ds plus, then put the R4 card to your NDS or 3DS console lot.

Step E: Play Games.

Boot up your console, click the R4 icon, then you can play Games.

For playing 3DS games, go to check in 3ds hack guide site.

Can it play Nintendo 3DS games?

No, 2019 R4 gold plus is playing DS roms or games or files, it can’t play .3DS roms. If you want to use it for hacking 3ds games, you must use it for NTRboot Method to install 3DS CFW.

Where to buy, Amazon or Flashcard site?

Your safe purchase site is Flashcard site like the NXmodificar.com, Amazon isn’t allowing for Flashcard selling. So you are not recommended to buy from there.

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