Car accidents can leave us in a state of shock. In spite of this, you have to compose yourself as soon as possible and remember these 7 things you should never do after a car accident.

The 7 things you should never do after a car accident

1. Never apologize to the other driver

Since it is a way to admit guilt and can be used against you. Do not admit that you are guilty, do not apologize. You may be kind but do not apologize.

2. Never speak or give a statement to the insurer (or lawyer) of the other driver

In a moment of shock as it is a car accident you can say something that can be used against you. You can get to ruin your case. The insurance is not on your side or care about your interests. They only want to pay as little as possible. And even if you have not seen a doctor yet and do not know the real consequences of the car accident.

3. Never leave the scene

Leaving the scene of a car accident is illegal and has very serious consequences. In addition to making you look guilty; they can be charged with criminal charges and imprisonment. As scared as you are, breathe deeply and face the situation.

4. Never try to negotiate right there

You will not be in emotional conditions to negotiate. Very surely you cannot think clearly and do not know the size of the possible damages that the car accident caused you.

Our undocumented clients often try to negotiate there for fear of deportation. Do not do it.


5. Never stop receiving medical attention or assume that there was no damage

The first impulse in a shock is to resume the usual course of activities. However, at first you cannot know what are the consequences that the car accident had or could have on your health within a few months. Always call 911 or go to an emergency room to be evaluated medically.

6. Never stop documenting the scene

Try to get as many tests as possible: if possible, take pictures of the scene of the accident, personal injuries and damage to vehicles or objects. Those who saw the accident can be your key witnesses. Ask them for their contact information.

Even if you have taken pictures, try to get pictures taken by people who saw the accident. A well-documented scene will facilitate the defense of your case in front of the insurer or before a Court.

7. Never stop making a claim with your own insurance (PIP)

In the state of New York your personal injuries are covered by the “no fault” or PIP up to an amount of $ 50,000. Put the claim with your insurer immediately to obtain the necessary funds to pay medical bills and other expenses due to your car accident.


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