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What happens to a child in 26 weeks of pregnancy?

The presence of these individual features of the child, like eyebrows and genes, is visible in 26 weeks of pregnancy.

Also, in place already located slightly protruding head-shaped ears. The structure of the inner ear approaches the final stage of its formation, so a child can distinguish between the sounds of the outside world, so reading stories, listening to classical music, singing swing songs, gentle contact with the necessary baby at 26 weeks of gestation. Many believe that the child is subject to the difference of votes so that a common communication with the child’s parents is able to best affect his perception of the unknown and the world in the future after birth. Since the gradual opening of the eye also occurs during the active period, the mother should be kept away from strong light.

26th week of pregnancy indicates the end of respiratory system formation: the position of the lungs in the body is determined and their final form acquired. There is also a strengthening of the bone tissue and ossification of the child’s permanent teeth rudiments as dairy products and indigenous twists have already been formed. A bed for regenerating the skin occurs, which gradually acquires a certain color.

It is the formation of wrinkles in elbows, legs and rounded handles. heart rate next child with heart rate 135 – 160 beats per minute. Blood is saturated with nutrients and oxygen at the time of the placental circulation, which is through the umbilical vein to carry the flow from the baby. At 26 weeks gestation, the child’s brain performed one of the main tasks: will establish its connection with the cortex of the adrenal glands, the pituitary gland through which the development is made by its own hormones and others. fetal growth during this period is 35.5 cm to an approximate weight of 750 g because of this woman at 26 weeks pregnant weight gain. At this time, the baby sleeps almost always, his dream can last from 16 to 20 hours of active movement, he only produces in the waking state.

fetal arrhythmia

irregular heartbeat or heart rate heartbreak is a common occurrence during this period, which has a name – fetal arrhythmia. irregular heart beat in a child is the result of its continuous growth and development. After the final formation of a cardiac arrhythm disappears. Referring to specialist ultrasound or perinatology, you can learn more about this phenomenon in more detail. If arrhythmia occurs before delivery, you should ask a doctor about monitoring the beating of the baby’s heart at birth themselves. If arrhythmia is detected during labor, the presence of a pediatrician to better organize in advance, which in case of complications can take appropriate action.


At gestation for 26 weeks, all the movements of the child fully felt not only mommy, but also in the household who can also “feel deeply” And attach to the abdomen of a pregnant arm or attachment to ear belly, then beating the heart will be heard.

Fetus in the uterus can behave in different ways: be as passive or active, depending on its personality. Some children behave calmly during their entire stay in the stomach, while others make a constant movement. Therefore, with regard to the behavior of the child during pregnancy, it often depends on its behavior in the postnatal period.

It also happens that the baby wiggling invisible for a long time, but comes from the fact that mom is busy in various things, but it just deserves to stretch on your side, you can feel his presence. If anxiety and emotion on this issue persists, please contact the person who listens to the baby’s heartbeat and confirm the successful development.

Ulceration at 26 weeks of pregnancy

Pain can arise from the shock of the baby as the over-aggression that is more palpable in the abdomen to make them day after day. Pain in the abdomen and under the ribs may result from the growing pressure of the uterus, which affects the internal organs of the pregnant woman. Also, hormones can trigger pain, which has the effect of softening ligaments and joints. In the back lying position on your side, you can prevent or reduce the pain caused because this posture helps reduce the pressure on the uterus to the authorities. muscle cramps and headaches are often accompanied by the third trimester of pregnancy, so the rest is the best remedy for any illness.

To pull down the load you should use the pad, which is placed below the limbs, while in a lying position on the back. Ventilate, cold room, with dimmable illumination with headaches. Pain in the lower back and back occurs from the action of hormones, and the gradual shift of severity so that the back should be periodically discharged by dropping the heel when walking, yoga exercises or for pregnant women, as well as by purchase the back support shroud.


Increasing weight can be the cause of pain, controlling such a careful weight during pregnancy can ease the suffering and your health become would also good. Weight gain should occur every week of 300-500 healthy and healthy foods Eating according to the prepared diet contributes to keeping the pregnant body in great shape.

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