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Where to buy any goods from China in bulk

Hello, dear readers. For a long time I have not written anything about business with China, but today it’s time to return to the topic a bit, but with a more pressing question. Let’s talk about where to buy goods from China in bulk. This article will be useful to those who purchase large quantities of goods. I will tell you about two sites where it is possible to buy any products in China with delivery to Russia (clothes, shoes, toys, fabrics, watches, bags of branded things and much more) at favorable prices (i.e., cheaply).

Why is this important?

The growth in the exchange rate does not stop, prices are rising, and entrepreneurs need to look for options for purchasing goods at lower prices.

What is meant by wholesale?
Many people often ask me questions about wholesale purchases from China, but then it turns out that people want to buy a lot of different goods. THIS IS NOT A WHOLESALE!In bulk, this is when 1 type of goods are bought in N quantity.
Each seller (supplier) has its rates depending on the size of the wholesale purchase. Someone from 10 pieces already gives a wholesale price, and someone only from 1000 pieces. But there are also examples where from 10 pieces one price, from 100 different, from 1000 third, etc. I.e., the larger you buy, the cheaper the goods are.

Two sites to buy in bulk from China
Maybe there are more sites I have not found.
Proven so far 2:

  • 1688
  • Alibaba

On these sites, you can find profitable wholesale prices for various goods: clothing, footwear, accessories, fabrics, household chemicals, cosmetics, children’s goods, interior items, furniture and even vehicles. In general, ALL-ALL-ALL products that you can buy in China.

According to the algorithm of these sites is completely different and work with them is carried out in different ways.
1688 is a wholesale site for the domestic market of China. Those. Only Chinese can buy there (as before on Taobao), but the people of Russia need to work through an intermediary, as we are now working with Taobao. The process of work 1 in 1, as with Taobao, but here the prices there are lower depending on the number of purchased goods. Here’s an article about how to order on 1688, and now let’s go further.

Alibaba is the main wholesale platform of Alibaba Group (Aliexpress, Taobao, 1688, Tmall, etc. these are all sites of this company). On Alibaba can not be bought, this is not an online store. This is a place where wholesalers, factories and factories of the whole world place their offers, but 90% of them are China. There you can only find the product you are interested in and contact the supplier to clarify the conditions, the current price, etc.

Buy Goods through China Sourcing Agent

If you want to buy goods in bulk from China to any place in foreign countries, you can take help China Sourcing Agent. They search for you best wholesaler in the market and will get best goods at best prices.

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