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Which is the legit and safe site to buy R4 card in USA, Amazon or Ebay?

As we know, there are too many R4 flashcarts in the market, and it’s really helpful to buy a r4 flashcard to play free NDS games on Nintendo 3DS 11..8.0-41. What are the R4 cards?  Is it legit and safe to buy R4 card from Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress in USA? So, where to buy a R4 card with free shipping and a payment by Paypal ? Today we will find an answer.

What are the r4 cards?

The original R4 Card was released for the Nintendo DS and is compatible with the newer Nintendo DS lite systems as well.  When the R4 DS Card was created, there was no single DS card that worked in the DS game slot 1, and the R4 made playing DS homebrew games and applications a breeze. No converting, no files to worry about, and absolutely no patching required.  You can finally simply copy over the software you want to use to a micro SD Card, and play it right away on your Nintendo DS or DS Lite system.

Did you know that your Nintendo DS and DS lite can play back movies, videos, mp3 music, and even let you read ebooks – and MORE?  While these features are not available in your Stock DS or DS Lite system, the R4 DS Card makes everything possible.  From putting full length movies on your DS, to reading the newest digital comics.  It is easy, once you have the R4 DS Card.

Is it legit and safe to buy R4 card from Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress in USA?

No, If you know the R4 3DS flash card, you should understand that it is not the Nintendo official game card, it is the 3DS/N3DS/2DS/DS console hacking card for Pirating DS Games. So for the rule of Amazon, this kind of product is not allowed to sell in their site. That’s the reason Why you can’t find many R4 3DS options in the Amazon USA.

It’s not legal to sell flashcard on Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress in USA, You may ask, there is still one R4 card sold in the site, why? Because the guy who does Flashcard business in Amazon, uses other title not 3DS R4 card to cheat our Big Online shopping site. But apparently, it is not wise for him or her to do this in Amazon.com. The guy will be easily removed from the site once someone report it to Amazon. So the conclusion is We can’t find good enough and reliable R4 3DS card sellers in Amazon USA.

Where is the legit site to purchase R4 card in USA?

If we can not buy r4 card from Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress, Where is the best choice to purchase R4 card in USA? Let me introduce Mod3dscard.com to you , we are the legit site to sell flashcard and we have warehouse in USA, players who live in USA can enjoy the local shipment,if you want to purchase flashcard on our site, you can get the prefect customer service.

  • Only 100% Authentic flashcart. We promise all R4 3DS, Xecuter SX Product, SKY3DS+, stargate 3DS cards are originally manufactured by the official team, we do not sell clone or fake card.
  •  We only sell high quality and popular cards. You can’t find out-dated card like dstt, m3i zero are in our store.
  • Lacal shipping on Most Cards. We have USA, French and other worldwide stocks. Ship you the card with Local cheap shipping.
  • Fast Delivery. USA customers can recieve the package in about 3-5 working days, French customers receive the package in about 1-3 days.
  •  Tracking number included. All orders coms with a tracking number and tracking links. we will mail you the tracking number and links as soon as we send  out your package.
  • Card Tutorial, Comparison, Kernel download. All problems you may have on the flashcard, you can e-mail us for helping. We will reply you back in 1 hour in working time.
  • Game Rom. If you don’t know where to download games, we have secret gift to you!

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