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Why do not I get Liked on my Instagram photos?

When you use sites like Instagram, you want other people to like you in the photos you share. You want other people to see you as a person with whom they would spend their time in real life. If the photos you upload do not generate the “likes” you want, there are some reasons why you may be going through this situation.

Bot accounts closed

Let people buy Likes from Instagram. They do it with great intentions, but discover that their likes disappear soon after. These people have made their purchase from a company with little reputation and with bot accounts. If your likes are going down, this could be a reason. Be sure to buy from a legitimate company like https://likeslive.com that “likes” to avoid this type of scenario.

Algorithm changes

The changes in the Instagram algorithm affect everyone with the same level of frustrations, but they are necessary to keep up with the constant trends and changes that occur in the world. If you notice that your “likes” go down quickly, maybe it’s time to look at the algorithms to see if there are changes that you did not know.

Poor content

When you build an audience, they expect a quality from you. If this stops and you no longer provide them with value, there is no reason for fans to continue watching what you do. This is a simple problem to solve. Make sure that all the photos you upload are of the best quality.

People use Instagram stories

Stories of Instagram is one of the most recent features that the company added to its social media platform. Many people prefer to use it in traditional messages. Keep your trusted name here and be sure to upload the photos where others can see them.


Shadowban is a term generated by Instagram users. This describes the sudden disappearance of all your hashtags. In seconds, no one can find your account and your account suffers as a result.

Bigger better

As a seller, one of the jobs he has is to monitor the competition and what they are doing. If you do not watch others, they’ll get you out of the way before you realize what happened. Take this information and promise to do better. If others are getting the “likes” that you do not have, see what they are doing very differently and put the techniques at your disposal.

If you want your Instagram account to be popular and fun, make sure the above problems do not affect your account. Take the time to worry about your account and people will come to have fun. These problems can affect anyone, at any time, but if you are prepared, you will know what to do. Without such problems, it is easy to see and enjoy this site to the fullest and get the results you want.

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